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At American Independent Pharmacy (AIP), we are proud to be your premier pharmacy buying group, dedicated to supporting independent pharmacies and fueling their success in today's ever-changing healthcare landscape.
With a wealth of industry expertise and a commitment to collaboration, we empower our members to thrive and deliver exceptional patient care.
We advocate for your independent pharmacies.
Who we are
American Independent Pharmacy is a member-owned and operated organization, that is dedicated to equipping independent pharmacies with the necessary tools and resources to maintain their autonomy, deliver exceptional patient care, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving marketplace.
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Our Beliefs
American Independent Pharmacy (AIP) believes the continued success of independent pharmacies depends on a shift in paradigm and the ability to organize into an aggressive and diversified group.
Day by day the group has grown in numbers and strength. Challenging conventional thinking, accepting no limits, driving positive change, and offering support to make dreams a reality.
AIP is a comprehensive, organized group of professionals founded on the ideas, resources, and support to guide independent pharmacists towards control of today's market.
We want to see independent pharmacies progress. There’s no better day than today to begin.
Join us to discover the possibilities AIP can offer.
Finally an organization that has my interest as their number one priority. My worries over the cost of goods, negotiating the best deal and rebates is over. AIP has my back
Sam at Medwins Pharmacy, Saginaw MI
AIP resource center has been as essential tool for my day to day operation. AIP has everything I need at my fingertips; Policy & Procedures, MAPS, Trader Rx, Interaction Checker and New Generic Drugs. A Resource Center that's incomparable to anything out there
Tony at ASRX , Flint MI
IP has really opened my eyes to other opportunities for my business. The wealth of networking and new information concerning specialty drug, LTC (SNIF, AL, and AFC's),340B program,retail and compounding
Daniel at Mishawaka Pharmacy, Mishawaka IN
I'm a competitive contender in today's market thanks to AIP. Having expert business advice and the benefits of this organization has put me in the league of chain pharmacies
Patrick at Columbus Pharmacy, Columbus OH
Whether it's a local, state or federal issue, AIP provides a pathway to make profound changes that support and shape the profession. I'm proud to be a part of an organization that partakes in the chain of commands effecting my profession
Ghada at Park Pharmacy, Grosse Pointe MI